Monday, June 15, 2009

NWR: First day

A few weeks I blogged here about starting the The Fat Smash Diet by Dr. Ian Smith well I only semi-started. So today is my first official day. Not so bad so far. I met with a personal trainer (PT) last Friday and he seemed cool. We may have our first training session tomorrow. I made a dress deadline today. (Drum roll please....) I going to start dress shopping at the end of Fall 2009 semester so in December and I have until April to buy a dress. So that leaves me 6 months until December to drop 60 pounds or so. I think I can do it. I am pretty sure I can. Well I know I CAN if I apply myself. The trainer's name is Brandon so I am going to see how much I like his approach to fitness. For now I think I will blog here about my weight loss goals but I may create a separate blog later. I am undecided right now.

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