Friday, June 26, 2009

NWR: R.I.P Micheal Jackson

I was never a huge MJ fan but I have always appreciated good music. Now don't get me wrong Mike has given us than a few hits we have classics. PERIOD! I am a MUSIC fanatic. I LOVE GOOD MUSIC period. I was so shocked to learn about the death of the pop star.My heart and prayers go out to his family and friends. I am so appreciative of life. We never know when we are leaving the Earth so I believe that we should spread our light while we are here. Grab a hold of the ones you LOVE and let them know that they are loved. I mean really I spend so much time trying to plan for tomorrow and the next day sometimes I forget to LIVE for today and ENJOY it because tomorrow is not promised to anyone. Teddy's the total opposite of me he enjoys the day to day and I guess that's why the Creator brought us together to balance each other out. I am so THANKFUL for LIFE AND LOVE AND HEALTH AND FAMILY AND GREAT FRIENDS. I have learned so much about life but right when I think I have figured some things out I realize that I have learned nothing at all. I will be a student throughout this life I seek to learn so much and I appreciate the challenges that are brought forth. RIP F.FAWCETT *On another note*

In diet news: I finally met with the trainer today and he kicked my a** . I like a good workout. I don't know if it was so tough because I haven't been in the gym in 2 weeks and I was rusty but nonetheless I got a good workout. I was different for me.Today was our preliminary session but I decided that I will train with him 2 days per week and do 2 days on my own I think that's realistic until school starts back. I focused MAN!


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